Liberty Swiss is considered as one of the leading suppliers of food supplements around the globe with a wide variety of products for different ages for both men and women. Liberty Swiss is recognized for its commitment to quality and reliability. With our knowledge and extensive manufacturing expertise, we create nutritional products for optimal life.


At Liberty Swiss, all our effort is about helping you live the healthiest life at every stage of it. Innovation is the key to success at any industry and ours is no exception, and all we do is keeping up with the latest technology and innovative ideas along with conducting international researches while remaining sensitive to our customers’ demands.


Liberty Swiss is based in Switzerland. The founders believed that in upcoming decades branded pharmaceutical and nutritional products would flourish. Our first research teams in collaboration with our chemists introduced our first products which led to a relatively substantial success in Europe. Liberty Swiss soon expanded and began to export its products to North America and later on to Asia and lately we have decided to export our products to the Middle East where lack of high quality nutritional products is conceived.